MARTIN. R   Before I am Rendered Invisible, a collection of spoken word, poetry, prose  published by Living Commons (2018).

MARTIN. R and WHITEHEAD. C Speaking Up for Health HEA (1994) ISBN 185448 463X
She has also work published in anthologies

No Condition is Permanent
19 poets on Climate change and justice (anthology)
Publisher Platform (2010) ISBN 978-0-9567365-0-5

The Reality is…….The Bristol Black Writers Anthology
First published 1999 ISBN 0953613801 (1998)
Publishers the Bristol Black Writers Group

Marginalia Jerwood Arvon mentoring scheme Anthology vol 2 Shantytown Love play extract

Published by the Arvon Foundation 2011
ISBN 978-0-9543422-7-2


Martin. R ‘Taking the Colston Out of the Hall’. Voice Newspaper 11/6/07
Martin, R ‘ Lion Hart at 90’, No Small contribution to Caribbean history. Voice Newspaper 25/6/07
Unpublished: Curiously Looking through the Looking Glass 2013

OBSERVER article 21/6/2014