Current Projects

 In Development


RAGDOLL SILHOUETTE 2018   my new play in development with James Peries,  Bristol Old Vic. Set in early 19th century WILBERFORCE household, this play focuses on ‘Wilberforce’s women,’ real and haunting and the struggle to emancipate those in captivity, ….


Digital film

THE ENIGMA OF THE ARTIST, ORLANDO MARTINS 1899-1985  A MAN OF MANY PARTS 2018. I will dig deep in raising this digital film short, forging archive images & sound collage to elucidate the life and art of early 20th century Nigerian actor of stage and film in the UK……. my great uncle:




BEFORE I AM RENDERED INVISIBLE…….. to be published by Living Commons, edited by Professor  of Social Justice Centre University of British Colombia, Vancouver  Denise Ferreira da Silva 2018.   A personal journey as witness,  Bristol’s empire’s legacies, revisiting ancestral ghosts, rendering the invisible visible, in spoken word, plays, articles as a writer/ artist/ mother living in Bristol for 22 years.