Links  Our History Our Heritage public talk at Bristol Old Vic by our founder member the late Richard Hart

2011 Hosted screening of independent student film  ‘Ungochani’ from Zimbabwe at Watershed, Bristol re lesbians living in Harare, a recording of post screening panel discussion hosted and  chaired by Ros at the Watershed,  Bristol

2013 A WING A PREY A SONG, the project behind the analogy with bird & people migration  (see videos)

2014 in discovering Orlando Martins

2014 slavery, legacies and remembrance, Ros Martin, University Of Bristol international panel


2016 What’s happening in British Black History IV Watershed:

Ros’ Orlando Song Struggle Resistance

Archaeology of the Enslaved University of Bristol collaboration with African Diaspora writers Our Stories Make Waves 2016

Countering Colston

2017 the project behind the transnational digital memorial tribute  (see videos)